Highest Omni-channel Jackpot Won by Casino.com Player

playtechPlaytech’s Age of the Gods Live Roulette has proven to be an extremely generous game after being launched barely two weeks ago. Since then, the game has paid £1 million in jackpot prizes, and the largest one has just been paid out to a happy Casino.com player just recently. The lucky fellow won the four-tier progressive jackpot that runs across both live and casino networked platforms, at which point the reward’s counter was showing a whopping amount of £599,380.45!

The unsuspecting Casino.com member, who happens to be a factory worker and a father of three, was playing Playtech’s Age of the Gods Live Roulette on mobile at home, trying to relax after a long and tiresome night shift. After a while, he managed to unlock the Ultimate Power Jackpot, which is the highest prize in the four-tier mystery jackpot pioneered by Playtech. Through a combination of a Live Roulette product and all Age of the Gods slots, Playtech provided its customers with unique opportunities for huge wins.


The fortunate winner’s identity hasn’t been revealed but he stated he was in shock and even started to cry when the big win happened. He immediately though of his children and how the flattering amount of £600,000 will change their lives for the better. Thanks to Playtech’s ONE innovation more players will have a chance to win on the table and receive a four-tier mystery jackpot that’s been accumulating on slots. Since more ONE experience games have been announced at Playtech, we can expect a whole suite of products with jackpot functionality. Jackpots are regularly filled by small contributions taken out of every wager, and there are four different jackpot prizes for different kinds of players.

By tying Age of Gods with Live Roulette, Omni-channel gambling has become reality. Rewarding players in real time has become easy and also viewed as valuable asset used by casino operators, as they can share casino liquidity and drive traffic towards a more expanded section of their libraries. Looking to become the next £600,000 winner? Then spin the wheel and spin the reels of Age of the Gods games, on mobile or desktop – because Playtech is in a rewarding mood!