Best Casino Bonuses

We’re sure you’re already familiar with the tradition of online casino bonuses and promotions; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading our take on the subject of best casino bonuses. Nearly every casino hub on the internet offers at least one bonus to its players, and often enough the welcome bonus is the best offer at the house. But, when you come closer and study the practice of giving out bonuses to online gamblers, a lot of different details make you start raising questions. After a while of trying out different bonuses at different venues, you get to the conclusion that some offers are better than others, and some are plain useless. In order to better understand casino bonuses, their conditions and surroundings, we tried to answer some of the relevant questions about casino bonus prizes.

Why is One Bonus Better Than Another?

dollar-sign-luckstersSince the online gambling market is crowded with casino websites, the offering of bonuses is even wider and greater. It’s only natural that some of the promotional offers are not on the level, while other can truly boost your bankroll and make your casino experience all the more rewarding. Online casino bonuses are fabricated by casino operators to attract more customers, but only a selected number of them lives up to its purpose. It so happens that some unworthy casinos publish bonus offers with ridiculous requirements that only seem normal and achievable, but are actually hard to master. The players end up losing their investments, and also the will to play at that particular venue. Stay out of uncertified gaming websites. Instead, pay a visit to highly rated online casinos, as they are bound to host favourable bonuses, worth your time and money.

The main factor to determining whether a bonus is lucrative or risky is the wagering requirement. This aspect changes the configuration of the entire offer and puts a new perspective on the generosity of the casino. If you remember how terms and conditions of a bonus are explained, you’ll also remember that the explanation almost always includes a wagering requirement of 10, 20, 25, 35, 50 times the deposit amount. This number is, in fact, a multiplier that reveals the number of times the player is required to wager the amount of the bonus in order to be able to withdraw any funds of his/her account, including the bonus winnings. Bonuses with lower wagering requirements are better than bonuses with higher wagering requirements.

What Does a Lower Wagering Requirement Mean?

Welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and deposit bonuses in general count on a specific wagering multiplier for liberating the bonus value and any winnings generated from it. When you see that a bonus features lower wagering requirements, that’s a good thing – because that means you are obligated to wager less money in order to claim your bonus funds. Let’s analyse an example: if you want to take advantage of a 100% match bonus on you deposit of £20 with a wagering requirement of 20 times the bonus amount, which means your bonus reaches the value of £20 and your balance benefits from £40. However, in order to have those funds available for withdrawal you have to place wagers in total value of £400. Only then could you claim the bonus. Wagering requirements of 10,15,20,25 and even 30 and 35 times the bonus amount are considered lower and better.

What Does a Higher Wagering Requirement Mean?

Quite the opposite from lower requirements, higher wagering requirements consist of more demanding conditions of liberating your bonus. Let’s return to our example. You’re targeting a 100% match bonus on you deposit of £20, only now the wagering requirement is 50 times the bonus amount. So, now, instead of having to wager £400 to liberate your prize, you have to place bets until you’ve wagered £1000. The stakes are much higher and not many players can keep up with such burdensome wagering requirements. Casino establishments with unreasonably high wagering requirements seldom land on the top casinos list.

How is it Related to a Higher Bet?

By placing higher, more considerable bets, you’ll shorten the path of earning your bonus money. It’s not unusual for the bonuses to include time restrictions, so you may have a week, two weeks or a month to meet the wagering requirements. If you don’t, the bonus is forfeited. Allow yourself to behave as a high roller and you’ll encounter smaller obstacles on your way to the bonus prize. But, don’t place high wagers on games that don’t contribute to the bonus conditions. Not all games contribute to meeting the wagering requirements in the same percentage. Slot machines contribute 100% in most situations, which means every bet you place on slots, during your bonus liberation period, will, in fact, go towards meeting the requisite. The contribution percentage is usually much smaller on roulette and blackjack games, so you should refrain from those, at least until you unlock your desired bonus.

Final Thoughts and Advice

Best casino bonuses are the ones with honest offers and a desire to actually improve a player’s performance without hiding conditions and imposing unfair wagering requirements that are irrational to pursue. Stick with bonuses and promotions with transparent sets of terms and conditions and fair wagering requirements. Players always have the best casino experience if they choose a bonus program offers that goes well with their style of play, and now you can do the same with some assistance on our part. Don’t get carried away – make sure you always read the terms and conditions of a bonus before you claim it and make wise choices when selecting casino brands and bonus types. You’ll see what a delight it is to liberate a good bonus and risk less of your own money for more winning opportunities.