Super Snowball Winner Named

casumo-casino-imgWe keep seeing all these Christmas promotions in circulation right now, but how about hearing about a winner for a change? Although it’s fun taking part, knowing that you can win, that someone already has, is even more thrilling. That’s right, at Casumo Casino a winner has been named as the first to secure a Super Snowball victory, and that winner is Ryan. The lucky Londoner was notified of his win on December 5th when the prize draw was announced, and Ryan learnt that he’d won a Zanzibar and Tanzania Safari trip.

Upon contacting the lucky fellow, Ryan could hardly believe what he was hearing, first thinking that he was being pranked by the casino. Once the realisation settled in, Ryan, who works as a road marker, told his partner about the great news. As you can imagine, she was just as elated as he was (and undoubtedly still is).

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Alongside giving him the details of his prize, Casumo also asked Ryan what he thought of their Super Snowball promotion, with his comments detailed below:

I’m really enjoying the Super Snowball game so far. It looks great and I love the Free Spins I get in my Prize Chests, he then continued on by commenting on the brand’s overall design and usability. I like the site because it has a nice interface. And it’s great that you can deposit with mobile or bank.

If you’d like to try and follow in Ryan’s footsteps, you first need to join the Casumo site and begin depositing; Ryan had to make three deposits in one week, albeit on different days, in order to collect the tokens he needed. As this is the Super Snowball, the tokens are called Snowballs, which can be found in the chests you’re able to select upon making a deposit. The more you deposit, the more valuable the booty in the chests, with a £100 or more allocation getting you the keys to a Diamond Prize Chest.


At the end of the week, the winner will be chosen, with you able to login and crush the Super Snowball covering your account; if you smash it and you’re the winner, it’ll inform you of such. Even if you don’t win the weekly prize, you’ll still receive an array of goodies to keep you happy, and so everyone is technically a winner with this bonus. Should you win rewards of bonus money and free games, you can expect a wagering requirement of 30x to be applied.

Despite having started at the end of November, the Super Snowball still has plenty of action left, with the end date not until January 14th, therefore giving you enough time to get started. Nobody can promise that you’ll be the main winner, like Ryan, but you’ll be sure to have lots of fun while you aim for the top. And who knows, it may be you we’re next writing about, with a prize just as fabulous as the safari, maybe even more so. Until then however, we wish you the very best of luck, and hope that those Snowballs keep coming your way; our fingers are crossed and we’re rooting for you.