The Most Terrifying Horror Slots Developed By Leading Brands

When it comes to video slot casino gaming you never know where the road will take you. It’s kind of like watching YouTube, one minute you are watching informative video clips, the next you have been sucked into a world of pranks and kittens, and you simply never know where your magical journey will take you. Except this isn’t YouTube and these games are anything but cute and fluffy, in fact these are the complete opposite from kittens and laughs, these video slots games are terrifying and incredible horrific, right up your alley if you are a horror fanatic. Check out these insanely developed video slots or head over to NetBet and choose from a wide variety of modern releases.

Horror Circus – JoinGames

An entire horror show awaits you over 5 reels and 10 paylines. The latest gaming release from JoinGames has been the talk of the internet as the horrific video game is truly quite disturbing. Although it is a medium volatility slot of only 95.87% you won’t be too focused on the wining combinations, you will be too enthralled by the bonus rounds which seemed to have walked off the set of a horror movie. Definitely not a game to play around children, but one to really instil fear during the dead of the night.

Halloween – Microgaming

Remember the Friday the 13th horror hit Halloween? Well here is its rendition in game form. Leading gaming software developer Microgaming has reinvented the video slots game with the same amount of horrifying scenes as the movie. The graphics are surprisingly good considering the age of the game, probably why it remains a horror classic amongst video slot enthusiasts.
The story is told over 5 reel and 50 paylines and Microgaming have suggested you play with the lights on or add to the fearful feelings you are bound to feel and play in the dark, all alone.

Halloween Jack – NetEnt

Another favourite scary video slots game has been creatively invented by NetEnt, Halloween Jack. The eerie music compliments the terrifying graphics which make up the theme of the game. To add fear into the mix, winning combinations quite literally jump and turn into fire, pretty much causing a mild heart attack in the darkness of the room.

Universal Monsters the Phantoms Curse – NetEnt

The 3D video slot is more disturbing and eerie rather than terrifying. The 40 paylines and 5 reels retell the sad story of the dead opera house actor who now wants another soul to remain by his side for all eternity. Incredibly intriguing and as mentioned before, somewhat disturbing and all thanks to NetEnt. Enjoy
If you are looking for horror, quick cash to get out when you feel you’ve had enough and interactive game play, you needn’t look any further. Online gambling isn’t all class and sophistication. As a matter of fact it can get downright gory and really very scary. So best you get your torches and have your mobile handy, you never know when you might need to call a friend!