Mr Green’s Exclusive Blackjack Promo

mrgreen_logoIt’s party time at Mr Green, and all blackjack experts, enthusiasts and learners are invited! Come take part in the Party Prize Draw at one of Mr Green’s Exclusive LIVE Blackjack tables and you’ll stand a chance to be drawn by the classy gentleman himself at the end of the promo, with a cash prize in your suit pocket.

There will be a total of 20 fortunate winners at the end of the promotional period which starts on Monday 16th of October, 2017 and ends on Friday 20th of October, 2017. During those days Mr Green members have the opportunity to participate in the thrilling campaign set to reward blackjack players and distribute a worthy reward of €1,000 among the 20 luckiest ones. For a chance to win your share of the prize pool, you need to play 10 consecutive hands at one of Exclusive LIVE Blackjack tables at least, since it earns you one entry ticket to the draw. Play more, and with more money wagered and more hands played you’ll be able to earn more prize tickets – hence increase your odds of getting drawn. The casino is set limits to 50 entry tickets per day, per participant.

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Join the party, have fun and make sure to respect the dates of the campaign and come October 23rd you may be one of the 20 names Mr Green himself draws from his party hat. Cash prizes awarded to lucky winners at the end of the Party Prize Draw are absolutely wager-free and carry no conditions that need be met for the funds to be unlocked. It’s good, free cash.


Now, the size of your reward will depend mostly on your dedication and good fortune. Know that the biggest prizes to be expected are worth €250, €125, €100 and €75. But even if those somehow don’t reach your bankroll, there will be multiple smaller rewards for your effort and participation. Are you up for a blackjack party with Mr Green, Jack & other Greeners?