Yggdrasil Gaming Shares Art at Inktober

YggdrasilThe annual Inktober event takes place every October, and this year the turnout is particularly memorable. Artists from various backgrounds measure their skills and creativity by participating in the Inktober drawing challenge every year, manifesting art in all its glory and motivated productivity. What started as a simple drawing competition has now escalated into a worldwide challenge. Thousands of artists usually sign up, from those who are still learning to experienced masters of art. The challenge consists of one ink drawing a day throughout the entire month of October.

Online slot developers can’t function without a good designer and art team, and one of the companies currently operational on the online gambling market with visually stunning games as a result of a fine team of artists is definitely Yggdrasil. A company that pays so much attention to creativity and artistry belongs at an event such as Inktober, and anyone is welcome to follow Yggdrasil’s activity during this year’s event.

Creative Director at Yggdrasil Gaming, Hennie Blaauw, stated that Yggdrasil people carry creativity in their DNA which is why they intend to have fun at his year’s Inktober. The company is proud to showcase its artistic talent and take advantage of the opportunity to put original art on display, much like the one reflected in the games in Yggdrasil’s portfolio.

The Inktober event is traditionally held every year since 2009 with the purpose to inspire the viewers, and artists among themselves, as they create original ink drawings one day at a time, on different subjects and in different styles. For those of you who are active on social media, use hashtags #inktober and #inktober2017 to find some of the creations completed so far. You can also visit the official Yggdrasil Gaming website and check out the lovely virtual exhibit of authentic drawings by Yggrdrasil’s finest graphic artists.