Nearly Half a Million Euros For Two Lucky Punters

royal-panda-jackpot-imgWith more than a decade’s experience in the online gaming industry, Royal Panda is known for its hefty jackpots, which await the luckiest among the players.

In this case, two of them managed to score a total of €438,440 while playing Royal Panda’s popular roulette games.

Two Big Wins for UK Players

Nicholas tried his luck at Roulette Professional Series, and after grabbing several hefty wins, the 32-year old Briton went home with a total winning of €113,000. We guess he had worse days than this.

On the other hand, Lady Luck has indeed smiled upon 35-year old Sean, who managed to grab a fantastic €325,440 jackpot at the exclusive Royal Panda Live Roulette table and even enjoyed winning €70,170 on a single spin.

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But this is not the first time Royal Panda Live Roulette table has given a huge win during 2017.

A Hefty Start to the Year

53-year Paul had a perfect start to this year with multiple massive hits, and in the end winning a staggering amount of €565,034!

Paul, who joined Royal Panda in November 2016, played for high stakes at Royal Panda Live Roulette table, and managed to win three huge single spin hits – one worth €37,000 and two worth €30,875 each.

One thing is certain: Royal Panda’s roulette table brought lots of money to UK-based players this year. You never know when will Lady Luck smile upon you, so be sure to visit Royal Panda and play its Live Roulette tables. Who knows, you might end up being Royal Panda’s next jackpot winner.