Playtech launches best-in-class HTML5 Roulette

playtech-roulettePlaytech, a leading developer of products for the online gambling industry, announced the launch of what they call ‘the best-in-class HTML5 Roulette game‘. Already boasting the most authentic live gaming experience available today, they have now taken online roulette gaming one step further.

Even though it was rolled out only few days ago, new Playtech product has already received positive feedback from both the industry as well as the players. The company’s live casino team has worked hard over the course of 2016 to deliver significantly enhanced user interface and improve the overall gaming experience. The new product allows roulette fans to play their favourite online casino game on various mobile devices in either portrait or landscape mode. Whichever mode they choose, gamers with iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows Phone devices will get to see their bets while the roulette wheel is spinning. They will also enjoy a user-friendly interface with simple and easy-to-use navigation and personalised view of the live action.

Kevin Kilminster, Head of Innovation in Playtech Live, presents this new gem as the best performing product on the market. He’s supporting his claim by the huge resulting demand recorded immediately after it was launched. Many users of the previous live roulette version have switched instantly and the company now reports higher engagement levels and longer sessions across all devices. It’s clear that the effort and time put into the extensive user testing and feedback has paid off. Playtech has also worked closely with their major licensees who are now experiencing significantly increased revenues as a result.

Celebrating their early roulette success, Playtech announced they would follow it up with an HTML5 Blackjack product to be launched later this year. Like the cutting-edge live casino HTML5 Roulette, Blackjack will also offer an enhanced and richer product across all mobile and tablet devices. It seems the company is dead set on cementing their reputation as the absolute leader in live Internet gaming. Going by the response received within the first 48 hours of their latest launch, they are very likely to succeed.