Playtech Completes Ever Live Casino Customer Migration

New 8,500 Square Metre Studio – Phenomenal Licensee Feedback

playtechPlaytech, one of the main providers within the gambling industry, has finished one of the greatest Live Casino migrations in gambling history. The services have now been moved to their state of the art studio in Riga, Latvia.

Initially, the move started in the middle of 2016, however due to the size of the project, the migration has only just been completed. It all began when the company acquired a studio with 8,500 square metres in diametre. What makes this studio even more unique than what it already is, is the fact that it’s been built on top of the 16th century fortified walls in the centre of old town Riga. Due to the sheer size and dramatic aesthetic of the site, it dwarfs all over Live Casino within the area.

Even despite the extensive planning that has gone into this endeavour, it still took an intensive amount of work to convert this into the next generation space you see today. This intensity was then increased by the fact that the Live Casino operations needed to be maintained throughout the process, even when they were transferred from the old site to the new one. As you can see, the meticulous planning and long hours has ultimately paid off.

Due to the dynamics of the studio, sections of the project had to be opened up one at a time, with the first dedicated room being opened in early 2017. This now houses Sky Casino, since the big brand switched their operations to this new site, and redeveloped its offerings in April. As for the licenses that regulate these offers, they migrated over and became operational again throughout the 12 week period the process took. Joining Sky Casino is Bet365, Paddy Power-Betfair, Coral, and Ladbrokes.


Every single one of the offers has been designed to fall in line with the license specific requirements. Consequently, all operations are guaranteed to be safe and secure. What is more, they come together to create the most exceptional Live Casino experience available on the market.

As you can imagine, since its grand opening, Playtech’s studio and their dedicated rooms have generated a higher volume of players. This in turn has created quite a lot of positive feedback from the licensees, commenting on how excited they are about the offerings available, and what future growths might have in store.

When Playtech’s COO, Shimon Akad, was asked for comments, he had this to say:

Playtech demonstrates its absolute commitment to delivering the best Live Casino experience and this project is significant testimony to it. From making one of our largest ever investments and redeveloping this site into the world’s largest Live Casino studio, to completing the largest Live customer migration ever seen, it’s been an exhilarating, non-stop journey and there is much more to come.

Akad then went on to add,

Licensees and potential new operators visiting the new and innovative studio have been blown away at the operation we have here now. They have been so excited to see the huge progress we’ve made in creating unique dedicated experiences and word is spreading fast to other operators in the market. Getting to this stage so quickly and without any issues is due to the enormous dedication of the team. I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project for achieving what is, without a doubt, the world’s most cutting-edge, best-performing, next generation Live studio.

The benefits of this project keep on surfacing, with the technology within the building unlike anything else available; it’s unmatched. Hundreds of state of the art cameras are positioned upon custom made gaming tables, as well offering advanced control and monitoring services. Each member of the Playtech brands staff are trained to use this equipment to their fullest.

As you can see, every single aspect of this project, from the initial concept right through to the finalisation, has been delivered to the highest of standards. Consequently, Playtech has shaped a brand new era for the gaming community, one in which they are leaders in the latest software and Live Casino market.