Mr Green’s Journal Announces Predictive Tool for Green Gaming

We all know Mr Green as the classiest online casino host there is. The man is always throwing attractive promotions at us, event tickets, raffle giveaways and free spins, confirming with each profitable offer that he cares for his clients and wants them to feel as comfortable as possible. In the spirit of customer care Mr Green Casino partnered up with Sustainable Interaction to make the ultimate self-help tool for players to make use of.

Sustainable Interaction is known to develop excellent self-help tools for online bettors and the company has invested equal effort in creating a new predictive tool for Mr Green. Reportedly, the software was developed by a dedicated and driven team of psychologists, media producers, designers, therapists and system developers. What the predictive tool does is combine individual information about the players’ own perception of their gambling behaviour and actual, real data about how they play. With a help of a short self-assessment test, the analysts are able to gather information about how the players themselves perceive their gambling habits, which is critical for the development of a predictive tool like this one done for Mr Green and Green Gaming.

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Risky behaviour of one’s customers should be one of primary concerns of every casino operator. It’s not just important to know what the monetary value of clients is, but also how long will they last at the casino before crossing the line and abandoning responsible play. With the predictive tool and Green Gaming way of approaching online gambling, players will extend their customer lifetimes at Mr Green to their own benefit and benefit of the casino. Mr Green is now able to offer proven self-help tools to its visitors and motivate software developers to keep innovating and finding clever solutions for comfortable casino experiences. Consumer protection features are a big part of this.


Mr Green’s Predictive Tool is not difficult to use. The first step is to accept the casino’s policy for how they handle clients’ personal information, in other words join Green Gaming. The next step is to take the self-assessment test that takes up a couple of minutes and consists of 15 questions. Based on the self-assessment questionnaire an analysis will be performed that will result in a personal dashboard where the self-assessment test data and the predictive engine are combined. There is a scale of 1 to 100 that measures risk, and the combined data gives the players their ranking. Should the risk level be higher than it should then the tool gives the player advice on how to lower the unfavourable risk level. And all that through a user-friendly interface, too.