Mr Green Casino Offers Share of £25,000,000 Jackpot!

June 21st is the first official day of summer, with us all looking forward to days relaxing under the glorious rays of a hot sun. Even though our plans tend to revolve around good weather, and being out and about, there’s always other fun to be had alongside days in the sun, like the promotions of Mr Green Casino.

Some of you may have already be registered with this iGaming label before now, and so will already know about their red hot summer deals, but just on the off chance that you’re uninformed, we’re going to discuss the Jackpot Bets event. This event actually started June 15th, meaning that some of you are unfortunately late to the game. Although disappointing for those of you fanatical about seeing things through from start to finish, don’t be too concerned about being late. The reason we say this is that the promotion runs until July 3rd, which should give you more than a fighting chance of scoring some money, regardless of being a late starter.

18+ only | T&Cs Apply

Despite this offer being on the large side, for payouts at least, there’s not too many details to be overly concerned with, nor do you need to jump through numerous hoops in order to win. As you’ll see when we walk you through the steps of activation, this Jackpot Bets deal is one that anyone can get involved with, even if you don’t use Mr Green for the casino side of things.

Lucky Tokens

In a similar fashion to prize draws, this event requires users to collect tokens in order to take part in the WC Jackpots, aka how you access the shares of that massive prize fund. Luckily, getting your hands on these tokens is quite easy, as Mr Green offers three means of obtaining them: casino games, the live casino, and sports betting. This then means that you can tailor this experience to your own preferences, an option few other casinos offer enough these days.

The live casino and casino qualifiers are simple enough, with you needing to play a specific amount of money on the permitted games only; £30 is needed for standard casino titles, while £20 across the live games will be sufficient. As for sports bettors, you need to have wagered and settled £20 worth of bets before you qualify for a single token, and so the former two options may seem more accessible overall. No matter which way you play this, you’ll still be able to unlock up to 12 tokens if you play every option, as each qualifier gifts four tokens. Users than take these chits and use them to predict who will win the games listed for each round of this event. If you guess correctly, you win the jackpot or a share of it, should there be multiple winners all needing a piece of the pie, whereas those not so lucky will leave with nothing.

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Furthermore, should you happen to be one of the lucky gamers that make the grade, the winnings will be credited into your account within five working days of your victory. The full details of this, and of the event as a whole, can be found upon the promotions page of the Mr Green Casino. We hope that you enjoy battling it out against your fellow gamers, and we also wish you luck in hitting it big with a windfall jackpot.