Mega Fortune Winner at Casumo

casumo-casino-featimgThis month proved to be lucky for a handful of bettors who’ve landed mega jackpots playing their favourite progressive slots online, and one of them got extremely lucky spinning the reels of Mega Fortune at Casumo Casino just a little over two weeks ago. The fortunate lady was playing Mega Fortune Dreams from the comfort of her home, having fun, passing the time so to speak and taking advantage of the opportunity that she was home alone and could have a precious moment for herself. The outcome of her session could almost be called destiny – Susan, soon to be 60 years old, won 2.7 million British pounds that day, becoming the third player in four months’ time to win a progressive jackpots as a member of Casumo. So far, Casumo has paid out 10 million British pounds in total jackpot value this year!

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Susan described herself as more of a bingo type, someone who hasn’t played a lot of online casino slots. However, she was in the mood that day to try out Mega Fortune Dreams, one of the most popular progressive jackpot games around. She had 9 pounds left on her account and didn’t want them to go to waste so she placed a 3 pounds bet on Mega Fortune Dreams quite casually and hit the spin button. Boy, was she surprised when the screen started blinking announcing she’s just become a millionaire!


Understandably, the woman couldn’t believe what just happened to her – an ordinary 60-year-old lady to win 2.7 million?! It’s ridiculous! It sure is not! Anyone who plays fair and square, shows bravery, dedication and benefits from good fortune could win a jackpot. It took a phone call from the casino management to assure the lovely lady that she has indeed won the progressive chief prize. Recently retired Susan stated that she and her partner haven’t yet decided what to do with the money, but a bigger home with a garage for their vehicles would be a nice start.

Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams have paid out millions in progressive jackpots three times already in the past months, seems like Casumo is the right casino to play them at!