Magical Vegas Offers Keys to The Loot Locker

magical-vegas-logoThe Loot Locker at Magical Vegas is filled with cash and the Casino team is ready to hand over the keys. All one needs to do is say yes and start collecting points to unlock a cash prize. How big it will be is up to individual players – they can stop once their wagering limit has been met, or go all the way to claim the biggest reward on offer. The Loot Locker promotion starts on 13th November and lasts for one week only, so waste no time; learn everything that you need to know and jump on board as soon as possible.

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Collect Points to Unlock Cash Prizes

Promotions awarding prizes based on luck can be super-fun, but many will rather join one in which the rewards are guaranteed. If you happen to belong to this group, Magical Vegas has just the thing. Cash amounts are being given based on number of collected points, and the rate at which those are accumulated in direct relation with your deposits and wagers. This obviously means that you are in complete control of your gift and its size.

But let’s start from the beginning. First you’ll need to opt in via button placed on the Casino’s promotional page. Then you’ll have to make a deposit of £20 or more, and once that’s done, you’re in! Every £20 deposited will earn you 1 point, and the same amount will be awarded for each £50 you wager on slot games. In the end, your balance will be boosted by either £5, £10, £20, £30, or £50, depending on whether you managed to accumulate between 1 and 19 points, 20 to 49 points, 50 to 99, 100 to 199, or more than 200 points. Logging into your account on the following Monday will reveal the impact participating in this promo had on your bankroll. Let’s emphasise an important little detail you might have missed: there is a prize for collecting a single point!

Don’t forget that this Magical Vegas promo lasts only until Monday 17th November, and before opting in, make sure to read through its terms as well as the Casino’s T&C.


Other Loot to Collect at Magical Vegas

Naturally, there are plenty of other special deals offered at any point in time. New members will be treated to 20 no-deposit Free Spins, and having tested the Casino’s offering risk-free, also get to claim £1,000 welcome bonus. Weekly Cashbacks of up to 10% are available every Friday, and points called Moolahs used to reward players’ loyalty. Time-limited promotions such as Halloween Roulette and Sword of Destiny come with generous cash prizes and Free Spins. The loot is there for the taking, all you have to do is show up and collect.