Enjoy the Magical Vegas Hamper Handout


Christmas is on its way and no amount of trying to hold it off is going to succeed; if you’ve failed to be on top of your shopping, these next few days are going to be brutal. While that’s the case, there’s still opportunities for a little release amidst the chaos of last minute panic buying. It comes in the form of the Hamper Handout, a Magical Vegas promotion currently running.

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This latest promo hasn’t been going long, with the start date having only been Monday 18th December, however you haven’t got much time before it’s gone for good. Christmas Eve is its final day, and so if you’ve not been making a mad dash for those points that unlock the prize hamper, have you really been spending your time wisely?

The best way of understanding this bonus is to think of it like a mini loyalty scheme, with all paying customers needing to create points in order to get better returns. For those of you who want to do extremely well, you need to also be willing to spend a lot of cash, between £20 and £50 on every wager/deposit you make. These two amounts will only gift you a solitary point, but those points will soon add up, with the initial prize being of 1,000 free spins. True, you’ll only get up to 20 spins of that final amount, but it’s still a good prize for customers with no more than a single point to their names.

Of course, if you want to get the best of this hamper, then you need to be aiming for anything over 19 points, as that’s when the monetary rewards start to make an appearance. You won’t be given the full £2,000, just as you won’t get all the 1,000 spins, but you’ll receive a part of that grand finale sum, with its value dependent on the points collected. To gain at least £1,000 of it, you need to have generated over 100 points, which isn’t an easy feat, and it certainly won’t be the cheapest.

Those who have taken part will start to receive their presents on December 26th, with the money based prizes coming with no wagering requirements whatsoever. However, if you get a selection of spins, they have a 25x rollover necessity attached to any wins created from using them. Seems more than fair, if you ask us.

It would appear that all the games are open to this offer, so long as you’ve wagered £50 of your own money or deposited £20 of it into your account. Just make sure to stick to those basics and you’ll be certain to wake up on Boxing Day with an extra treat from the little elves over at Magical Vegas. As it’s the end of the year, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hope you’re one of those who wake up on December 26th with one last present to open.