Magical Vegas Throws a Freaky Spins Bash

It’s that freaky season of the year again and everything we do is accompanied by the chilling Halloween spirit particularly loved by children and – online casino goers. We get to enjoy all the spooky and kooky promotional offers and earn something extra to celebrate the lovely holiday at our favourite online casino venues. If you have a funded account at Magical Vegas casino, you’ll be glad to know there is a Freaky Spins Bash over there right now – you can still catch it and earn your share of freaky free spins!

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The offer stands every day from October 9th and October 15th , and there are sets of free spins on slots to be one each day. The best option is to play several days in a row, and if you place bets on all promotional days without skipping any there is a chance for you to win as much as 500 free spins!

Here’s how the promo works: get your account up and running and visit the promotions page; hit the Opt In button where the Freaky Spins Bash is described and proceed to placing real money wagers on slots of your choice. There are no limitations in regards to wager limits, but you can’t go lower than £10 if you want free spins. The more days you play in a row, the more free spins will get credited to your account.


If you play for one day only and place bets ranging from £10 to £49.99 you’ll be entitled to 5 free spins. Increase the stakes and you can get as much as 55 free spins on that day if you wager more than £1,000 on slots. Theoretically, if you participate on all 7 promotional days the highest number of spins you could claim is 500. But if you can’t make it every day, it’s no big deal; play as much as you can and Magical Vegas Casino will award any honest effort through its Freaky Spins Bash promo.