The Magical Vegas Crimbo Collector


As is the norm for this time of year, virtually all online casinos are pulling out the stops in order to attract you in. These promotions are taking in a wide variety of forms, from the traditional advent calendar to more unique methods which have designed for quickness and speed. The latter option is where Magical Vegas have decided to draw the line this year. Instead of giving you the whole of December to play along, players have from Monday 11th of December to start collecting points whenever they complete one (or both) of two simple tasks. This process will continue throughout the week, giving you a brief but accessible window of opportunity to play along.

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Turning Money into Cash

Even though all the details are available for you via Magical Vegas, we thought it would be better for us to condense down the main points, so that you can get started more quickly. First of all, you’ll want to visit the corresponding promotional page if you’re to activate the Crimbo Collector special; once there, an opt in widget will appear. This button will need to be clicked, otherwise the bonus will remain dormant for your account.


Assuming you’re following our guide, you’ll now have two methods of point collecting presented to you, with you able to either deposit €20 or over to gain a single point, or for you to bet €50 on the slots. You can do both if you prefer, though we’d argue that it’s an option primarily designed for highrollers with plenty of cash to spare, and not for those on a strict budget. In reference to the wagered money mission, any slot is open to this offer, however the money used has to be your own and not from a previous Magical Vegas deal.

The maximum amount you can win during this week long deal is €50, but to get that top prize you’re going to need to collect a lot of points; just one will get you some money, but not much. If you never get past the one point mark, you’ll only bank a mere €5, whereas getting over 200 points will grant you the big 50. And of course, there’s varying levels of money in between these two amounts as well, further proving that the more you play the better your chances of being handsomely rewarded are.

Seeing as how you only have until Sunday, it’s best you get started as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll potentially miss out on hours which could have been spent earning said points. When the Crimbo Collector has finished, it’ll be Monday 18th before customers start to see all the bonus prizes credited into accounts, with the cash having no rollover requirements applied.

If this all sounds familiar to you, almost like you’ve seen this somewhere else, that’s because there’s other bonuses following a similar pattern. Even though that’s the case, we still think Crimbo Collector is a magical promotion from Magical Vegas, perfectly designed to give a bit of Christmas joy back to you. After all, a little gift to yourself never hurt anyone, right?