A Flagship Live Casino Experience Launched by Playtech Live

grand-royaleGood news from London – Playtech Live sets up a first next generation Live Casino experience in their new European studio, which happens to be the industry’s largest. The company announced a launch of a flagship Live Casino experience under the name Grand Royale, and promotes it as the first of many new concepts that will be assembled into their fresh and improved Live Casino offering. As we all know, Playtech is one of the gambling industry’s leading software suppliers with more than 140 licensees on a global scale, which makes the Grand Royale tables unveiling even more exciting.

What makes Grand Royale a true deluxe experience are its superior features, functionality and personalisation options, not to mention its astonishing VIP-focused outlook. High standards have been met, no doubt about that. The customers the Grand Royal speaks to are a high-end lot, and it comes apparent from the studio’s very design. New tables reflect a VIP style and deliver a richer player experience. Grand Royal hosts a total of seven tables – five Blackjack tables, one for Baccarat and one for Roulette. The offer includes Playtech’s Grand Blackjack, which corresponds to a Salle Privée casino experience, and Playtech’s Mini Prestige Roulette, for the high-class roulette aficionados.

The newest Live Casino upgrade brought a revenue boost to Playtech of more than 30% across the new tables, which makes it obvious that the decision to open at the end of February was a good one. COO of Playtech, Shimon Akad, pointed out that Grand Royale

‘represents the beginning of Playtech’s new, next generation studio proposition’.

He also added their intention was to

’diversify the existing network’

and provide the customers with a unique experience, specially designed and hand engineered by a hardworking team that is preparing more rooms, features and environments that will have their launch soon as well. Akad added he sees Grand Royale as a

‘best-in-class live casino product’

and showed confidence that players will enjoy it as much as casino operators will have benefits from it.

Playtech continues to prove its ongoing commitment to providing quality live gaming, and the launch of the Grande Royal experience shows that. We have no doubt it will just keep getting better and better as they unveil their upcoming projects regarding Live Casino games.