Latest Trends in the Online Casino World

By, Aleister Crow

Many trends are coming and going in the online casino world. The mobile casino revolution has become so big that most people only use their smartphones to play at different casinos online. Some casinos have even launched for mobile users first, and then later for desktop use. Virtual Reality and 3D Slot Machines are getting more, and more and more new innovative technology is at the forefront of the iGaming industry. The times they are a-changin’ as Bob Dylan once put it. And it seems that in the following year’s many things are about to happen when it comes to gambling online.

Casino Stream – A phenomena on the rise

A few years ago a Youtuber called Pewdiepie, gathered the most followers on youtube. Millions and millions watch him as he played different computer games while filming his reactions. And, boy did he become rich. No one could have foreseen this, for sure not even Piewdie Pie himself. Many others have followed in his steps and have also been widely successful. But, now it seems that a new form of gaming streamers are on the rise: Casino iGaming streamers. Basically, you watch someone bet money on slot machines online and wait for them to make a big win. Or loose, depending on what kind of person you are. From what I’ve heard some viewers even has the casino stream in the background at night to fall asleep to. And some are such avid followers that they get invitations to the streamers so they can meet and greet them.

The streamers rarely bet their own money; instead they are backed by wealthy companies owning the online casinos. As for marketing, this has proven to be very successful, and the streamers recommend different casinos when they play. At Casinorockstar© the streamers give out specific casino bonuses for Canadian players, Swedish players, or to players from the United Kingdom. But not all viewers play casino themselves, for them, it is just pure entertainment to watch as a big win rolls in. All though gambling is based purely on chance, it has become like a sport on its own. I believe this will be one of the most significant trends in 2019. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

Mobile iGaming – A business that grows by the hour

If you are looking to start your very own casino, there is one way to go, and that is a casino optimized explicitly for mobile play. It’s a no-brainer even. Been waiting for the buss lately, or have you been sipping coffee in a café? Well, if you were not to busy looking through your own phone, you must have noticed that the modern human is always scrolling through their phones. Some are reading books, some are posting their latest trip on any given social media, and some are playing regular mobile games, and some are playing slot machines at an online casino. And with the help of Google, Facebook and other powerhouses when it comes to personal advertising, people who like gambling online often get personalized ads from new mobile casinos 2018. You have probably noticed yourself that some things that are advertised on Instagram or Facebook are eerie similar to what you Googled an hour ago. Google (among others) keeps track of your search queries and tries to make their advertising fit you personally. This might sound a bit scary, but it’s only an algorithm that works to help you out the best way it can. For now, tv-commercials have not got that far. So, enjoy their pointlessness while you can.