InterCasino’s Road to Russia Promotion

As far as casino promotions go, most of them deliver an array of prizes that, while exciting, don’t really go beyond the standard bonuses of free spins and cash bonuses. That is unless you find long established casinos like InterCasino, who attempt to reach a more elite market by providing more substantial deals. In this instance, the deal is a trip to Russia in time for the World Cup, quite the prize to be won we can all agree.

Of course, such a journey to such a grand prize won’t be easy going, as you’ll need to compete against your fellow players in order to reach the heights of the leaderboard. What is more, you may find that you’ll be rewarded with smaller value bonus prizes rather than the trip, seeing as how that’s reserved for the first place winner only. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, with you needing to know how to opt into this deal before you can even hope to see the spoils of the promotion, and so we turn to the terms and conditions. Don’t worry, even though there’s several stages of this offer, they’re simple enough to engage with.

The Road to Russia Begins

As you may have already seen for yourselves, this offer started on March 1st, with the first qualifying round having come to an end on March 9th. Despite this being the case, all players keen to be involved have two more rounds open for all to join in on, while the third round is restricted for a limited number of gamers only. The second qualifying round began on March 12th and will run until the 20th, thus giving you plenty of time to catch up on any of the points you’ve missed out on.

For each of the qualifying stages, the prizes are the same for all involved, with the number of points gained determining where you land in terms of rewards. An example of this is level I, in which anyone ranked in this position will receive a bonus of £5, with a total of 2,000 points needed before you move through to the next tier.

  • Qualifying Round 1: 11:00 (CET) 01/03/18 – 11:00 (CET) 09/03/18
  • Qualifying Round 2: 11:00 (CET) 12/03/18 – 11:00 (CET) 20/03/18
  • Qualifying Round 3: 11:00 (CET) 23/03/18 – 11:00 (CEST) 31/03/18
  • Final Round:11:00 (CEST) 04/04/18 – 11:00 (CEST) 07/04/18

So how do you access the points? Well, like many casinos out there, InterCasino requires that you spend a specific amount of money in order to partake in the event. An initial input of £20 needs to be deposited for the festivities to start, followed by more wagers placed on the games, thus resulting in 500 points or more. If you fail to meet the basic 500 mark, you won’t be placed on the leaderboard and will therefore miss out on the rewards mentioned in the terms and conditions.

In regards to the amount you need to wager, only £4 is needed across any of the slot machine titles, which seems pretty reasonable, even for those of you who watch the amount you spend. However, if you’re a player who prefers table based activities, then the wagers are going to cost you more, as a minimum of £25 is required, with this covering any live games as well.

Although the tickets for Russia are the main prize everyone is keeping an eye on, bonus rewards are also included within the prize draw, with any such casino offerings coming with a x20 wagering requirement. What is more, you’ll have 60 days to use the extras credited before they become void of their worth; for all details, you can visit the promo page.

About InterCasino

Believe it or not, the name InterCasino has been around since 1996, which makes this one of the seniors of the iGaming industry. As such, this casino has a lot of fine qualities that newer models do not, thus ensuring that it functions at all times, even when customers run into problems. One such way to avoid running into multiple issues, is by InterCasino having two licenses, one from the UK Gambling Commission and the other from Malta Gaming Authority, two renowned governors of the industry.