It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Marvel Video Slots

marvels-luckstersNot that’s it’s our intention to ruin your good mood, but time has come to bid our farewells to the fantastic series of Marvel-inspired slots from Playtech. The leading software company announced that the celebrated line of video slots has reached its expiration date – the popular comic book-themed titles will no longer be available as of April the 1st 2017.

Looking back, the Marvel series of video slots has easily been the most popular set of video slots of the last half-decade. With Marvel being one of the two leading names in the comic book industry, these colourful characters and their adventures didn’t have trouble in finding their audience in the online gambling world either. There have been so many recognisable names so far, and each and every one of the Marvel games has had the advantage of a superb graphic performance, cinematic animations, and compelling bonus features. They’ve also become additionally attractive due to the Marvel progressive jackpots network. It is almost common knowledge by now – choose any of the Marvel slots at any online casino that offers them and you’ll have the opportunity to win one of the four progressive jackpots from the jackpot pool. Whether it is the smallest Power jackpot, the progressively larger Extra Power, Super Power or the biggest Ultimate Power jackpot, players would always feel like superheroes.

Just a reminder for players who’ve gotten a bit rusty – the Marvel series included slots like The Incredible Hulk, Blade, Electra, Iron Man (also Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3), Captain America, X-Men and Thor.

The reason why Playtech is discontinuing this series of slots is the fact that Disney owns Marvel and it appears that they’ve expressed a fair amount of dissatisfaction about their brand being associated with the online gaming industry. In the end, there’s no use crying over spilt milk and Playtech has clearly accepted the inevitable. The good news is that they haven’t been idle during this whole ordeal. Instead they’ve launched the Age of the Gods series with similar bonus features and characteristics and a popular Greek mythology theme.

Playtech also tuned into the DC universe and launched some awesome DC Comics games like Man of Steel, Superman: The Movie, Superman II and Green Lantern, as well as releasing several Classic Batman slots.