$1000 Freeroll Slots Tournaments

Slot tournaments are more popular by the day as you don’t really risk any more money than the buy-in cost and the re-buy or add-on costs if it’s a re-buy tournament. And compared to that limited risk you can win huge sums! Oh, and they are dead simple.

A short summary of how a slot tournament goes: Before the start of the tourney find the slot on which the tourney will be held, take a seat and you’ll get your starting chips just like all the other players do. You then need to wait for the slot tournament to start at the time announced before. When the tourney starts do not look to the right or to the left, just keep pushing that spin button like mad! If you were fast enough and were spinning as much as you possibly could, chances are you won some decent amount of chips. You can follow your actual standing on a separate meter during the entire tourney. When the set time runs out there’s nothing left just wait for the announcement of results.

Hint: Don’t look at the leaderboard standings during the tournament, as even a tenth or hundreth of a second of delay may lead to spinning less than your opponents >>>>> that’s bad for you

I might cover this topic in more detail at some point>>> Tournament news are here to follow

For now here’s a freeroll for excercise (and for cash win)
Game: Pay Dirt
Prizes: $1000
Buy in: $0.00
Add on: $1.00
Rebuy: $1.50
Dates: 30th January 6th February 2015

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